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The ART Mission and Theater is accepting resumes for Projectionist/Theater Assistant positions. Email cover letter and resume to

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The ART Mission and Theater is seeking Theater Assistant Volunteers! Contact

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Other ways to volunteer and help support the ART Mission and Theater:

Volunteering is Easy!

Just download our most recent movie poster, print it at home, and post it somewhere people will see it!. Please stick to areas that you have permission, or are generally obviously acceptable. Pledge to hang many and earn free passes. Email for details

Poster Exchange

Pledge today to be part of our poster exchange. We will post your e-mailed flyers to us.. you agree to download ours weekly and post it. Why waste gas and time driving around town? Individuals are encouraged to join as well, pledge to print and post 10 flyers weekly and receive a free pass. Please e-mail us to approve the locations in advance.