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I choose to use my photography as a performance art. As a visual and performance artist I have tried to keep them separate, I can’t. My models always do mini performances for me, even if they are unaware that I am choreographing them. I love to make Photography a fun and positive experience, for myself and always for my models.

I created this “I See You ” project as a way to connect with people on a deeper more fun and experimental level.  Why?  I figured out that I LOVE people. I was raised to be shy and to fear others. Those odd life lessons actually sharpened my observation skills but, as I grew in age as well as in art I figured out that I am more alive if I am surrounded with people, even if I am alone in a crowd.

Through my photography and especially this particular project, I wanted to let people know that I see them, I really SEE them. When I observe people (like when I am in that crowd I mentioned)  I start to make up stories about their lives. I am an actor and director so I often find myself distracted –  at the mall, let’s say, I should be shopping but instead I am ‘casting’ the shoppers and merchants in shows; “that man’s a Hamlet, that woman’s an Ophelia”, I tell myself. Though I often prefer to switch the norms and make her Hamlet and him Ophelia.

This Summer, I decided to approach people in my life and ask them to explore these mental theatrical productions with me and my camera. I guess this is not so unusual since I am someone who specializes in the production photography of local theater groups (and I am exhibiting many examples of these works, as well) but, I am truly interested in bringing the inner fantasy world of someone out in pictures.  doesn’t everyone have an inner production running in their heads?  Doesn’t everyone have a  thriving fantasy life?

 And I must be rather intuitive, because so far everyone I have asked can really relate to how I see them.  Come and talk to me and let me say, “I See You” as …


Hi, I’m Kate Murray. I am an Actor, Advocate, Artist. I started as a photographer, director and  performer around the same time, 5th grade,  dancing in school plays and carrying around a little instamatic camera.  I love to make people laugh and to capture the inner world of a subject. I have a BA in Communication Arts and Theater.

I am the owner of a Visual and Performance Arts studio in Endicott, NY, Studio 271.  Why 271?  (that’s not even the building address!?!) Because in one of my former lives, before I started working for myself, I wrote parking tickets and 271 was my badge number.  It was a great job and it broke me out of shyness and among many things started me on a life long path of loving everything positive and metaphysical.

I considered being a police officer but then, Bill, my husband, got a great job in the Washington DC area. While living there for 4 years, I grabbed my Father in Law’s ‘broken’ Minolta film camera and walked into a Camera store.  I asked if they could fix it.  They gave me a new battery.  I mentioned that I was going to take a photo class and.. $700 later, I started my ‘official life’ as a Photographer. Though I had worked for years as a television videographer (camera person) this was very different and it felt as if I had always known how to do it.

 I read every book at my local library about photography even though I had no idea what F-stop meant.  I didn’t care, I knew that it would all be eventually taught to me.  It was. Digital started right around that time but, I preferred to buy film and develop two copies of everything I shot.  I now have many, many thousands of those practice photos. Though I was relatively shy and started out taking photos of things that didn’t move I gravitated toward people.  I started photographing statues, in a cemetery, but when I was finally bold enough to ask people if I could photograph them — they always said, ‘Yes’.

 Jump ahead, more than a decade, and I became a professional portrait artist. I earn a living through my studio but I donate a great deal of my time as a photographer and a speaker to organizations that deal with issues that are important to me such as; MHAST, STAP, the Arts Mission, the Federation of Labor of Broome and Tioga Counties, health and wellness fairs and animal rescue sanctuaries. I am also a founding member, performer and writer for the radio show KBKabaret,  a co-director for Southern Tier Actors Read (STAR), an acting coach and mother to Marty, Devin, Molly and puppy Chip.



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