Artist Statement

I view the role of the artist as present within culture, through my portrayal of spaces, as they are experienced, in my practice. My work is concerned with notions of memory in the accumulation of documentary material, its uses, and hierarchies of value. The documentary suggests an artifact which relates to an experience; objects such as t-shirts, boarding passes, grocery lists, concert stubs, stickers, to-do lists, receipts, event posters, wrist bands, and business cards relate to the portrayal of the accumulation experiences of the everyday. This documentation that references moments and memories of life assembled and understood through drawings, paintings, prints and collage. All of these mediums and sometimes just one within an altered book which I call the visual journal; for me the “everything” book. Together this composes my post-studio practice of derive in a naturalist sense. Where the naturalists would take themselves out into the world and document the world around them. I use the medium as place and space as I move through the world to comprehend and understand my inner play.



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