Flicks, Happy Trees, & a tribute to David Bowie: 

Paintings by AmarA supplemented by jk

Opening Reception First Friday January 6, 2017 6PM


We simplify our world.  With assumptions and generalizations, through habit and through ignorance, we simplify because there is too much to know and so little time. 

Monet was the one who painted waterlilies 
and this is the quickest route 
and your favorite color is blue.  
Except when he was painting the train pulling into the station in Paris 
and except when the traffic gets heavy because school let out 
and except those days you just can’t stand blue for some reason and you love sometimes just love green.

My landscapes come from the quiet place in my mind, the place that longs to throw it all away and travel until I can’t anymore, yearns to be the first colonists on a new world and to go beyond any limits into the deepest jungles and the furthest places. And they come from the dream of having a place to call home always. 

Being in a movie is every bit as much fun as my childhood dreams hoped.  Except I haven’t gotten to do any stunts yet.  But mostly it is hanging around in strange places with varied and interest people from all different backgrounds, eating excellent catered food and waiting for your turn to play pretend.  

David Bowie was the dark prince from the land of muppets from my childhood.  He made the first tape I bought at the mall and was part of the holy trinity of my teenage years.  He mixed in and maintained uniqueness wherever in my world he appeared, in music videos and movies, with Bing Crosby and behind Moulin Rouge. To the end, he was an artist in every sense that I hold in esteem.  Who he was, I will never know & who he was, we can all see. 

We simplify.  Art complicates.  That is it’s purpose.
It speaks where voices can not and lets us see the facets. 
When we look around all we see are black stars, art is the light that makes the night shine. 

AmarA was born at Lourdes Hospital and graduated from Binghamton High School. She has spent time in Seattle and Salt Lake City, where she worked on the films Fat Kid Rules the World and Adventures of Power, respectively.  On December 21, 2012, her belovedest and she were wed at their Livery Barn in Triangle and the world did not end.  AmarA earned a BFA in Production Design from SUNY Fredonia and is the scenic designer-in-residence for Tri-Cities Opera and Ithaca Shakespeare Company.  AmarA & collaborator, jk, occasionally, design in Chicago and once saw the Dresden Dolls in concert. 

This exhibit is the forerunner of an ambitious project called INSTALLATION | Music that AmarA is mounting in August 2017 at the Bundy Museum. 

jk is a philosopher, geek, and artist.  He will be presenting his first solo exhibit at the Bundy Museum in February.    twitter @AmarAartist



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