The “Improvisational Art: of Aldo Borromei”

Contemporary, Abstract Giclèes

Opening Reception First Friday March 6, 2015 6 PM


About the Artist & Improvisation

“There are consistent threads of experience, themes, leading to my various artistic endeavors.  I will describe how improvisation has become a major expressional component of my works.  Extensive training and working in fields that require specialized learning, teaching, inventing, innovating and creating are what have informed my efforts, recently in the graphic arts, and throughout my educations; fields as diverse as writing, hairstyling, counseling, facilitating group trainings, social work, and, most importantly, Music.  Musical terms, such as timing/tempo, rhythm, harmony, movement, tension and counterpoint seem particularly apt when describing the subtleties of literary development, performance art, and the like.  Ad lib, short for “at liberty” in Latin, is a term that musicians use to mean extemporaneous melodic innovation.
Jazz-playing is the epitome of ‘spontaneous creativity’ or what is now called Improvisation.  Improvisation has its rules and constraints, however, and therein the challenges it presents to each artist in search of resolving and mastering such hurdles and difficulties.  The complexity of an instrumental solo must contain necessary integrative features to be considered well composed; movement, focus, rhythmic exploration, subtleties of tonal inflection, chord structure, for example, are all elements of exemplary exploration, discovery and construction.  As a Jazz improviser, myself, I have relied upon and referred to the intricacies of those, said, subjective/creative experiences, to plan, guide and produce my drawings.
The processes are identical!
It seems ironic that the so-called ‘process’ can be learned but not taught.  In other words, each stylistic nuance flows out of what preceded it, into the next…and on to greater degrees of developmental tension and resolution.
Much has been written about the phenomenon of Flow.  Musicians use the term Groove and athletes get into their Zone.  It is a human capacity, a state of ultra-focused attention, trance-like, rapt, yet intentionally directed.  As applied to graphic invention, one might say that ‘the first brushstroke determines and leads to the next, and then the next…..until the piece completes itself, to the surprise of the artist.’  There is total immersion in the doing, both emotionally and intellectually. Time seems to stop.
There are also other schools or systems of drawing/sketching that rely on, or are inspired by meditative influence, subconscious urgings, doodling & tangling, serendipitous approaches, and design-ridden methods.
The hallmarks that define my style include: overall complexity, originality, vigorous movement, multiple focal points and vanishing points and a certain fertility that evokes engagement.
I claim this idiom and name is Improvisational Art.


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