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Become an Artie!


The Art Mission and Theater has continued to enhance the cultural life of the community by screening the best independent films and showcasing a variety of original art work in our gallery.  Providing access to programming such as the National Theatre Live series, Oscar® nominated short films, and new artistic cinema brings an opportunity to think and learn in a community setting unlike anything else in the area.

 The coming year can bring even more cultural film, community interaction, a wide variety of art exhibitions and inspiration at your unique art house.

Your help is needed to make this happen.

For every film ticket purchased 40-50% of the ticket price belongs to film distributors.

The Art Mission and Theater only receives about half of your admission to keep your movie house going.

 Please support this cultural institution by becoming an Art Mission and Theater “Artie”.

Your support will help ensure we can continue to be a source of inspiration and excitement for the community.


Adara Alston    Jim & Chris Corgel    Peter Cronk    Patricia Dailey    Santino DeAngelo  

John J. Dora    Denny Ebert   Joan Eisch   Mark & Debby Epstein   Mary Goetz    Andrea Gregori  

Fiske Hanson    Jean & Lewis Hecht    Kay Hoban    Karen Holman   Martha Klionsky    Anthony and Mary Liquori          Mary Mamary    

Tim Mollen    Suzanne Morgan    Bunny Woodard Matthews    Roger McVannan    John Peck    

William Pelella    Sandra Shaw    Kasey Stewart    Dennis & Linda Sweeney  

Marjorie Tubbert    Lars Updale   Cynthia Westerman    Marielle Zuccolo